We have thought to take the street food to a completely new level, a genuine one, made with the finest fresh high quality ingredients that can be combined with a great wine from our wine house and finest beers choices.

Deliciousness, rapidness and of course the convenience to eat it on your sofa at home, maybe while watching your favorite sport team at home or eventually to surprise your friends on their birthday.






Are you ready to EAT, LAUGH and FEEL GOOD ?

A gourmet take away place, born in Italy.


Freshly prepared pasta to eat in or on the go!

“BreakPast street pasta”

Therefore, to start the day in the best way we have added a generous and a genuine breakfast with selected blends of coffee, fruit juices, tea and infusions, and of course different types of cakes and croissants to recharge your batteries!

You can choose from a great quantity and variety of Italian artisan sweets, from pastries to traditional and non-traditional products, prepared with the high quality ingredients, suitable for your snacks or for a special occasion’s celebration


Strada Maggiore nº 21 -  Bologna - ITALIA


+39 051 351 3575

orari di apertura

Lunedì a Venerdì dalle 8 alle 20 hs

Sabato e Domenica dalle 10 alle 20.30 hs




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